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Ralph H Riley

Academic Background

  • 1992 PhD “Nutrient dynamics and nitrogen trace gas flux during ecosystem development in montane rainforest” Stanford University, USA
  • 1982 BSc Forestry, University of Washington, USA.

Positions Held

  • 2002-11 Western Washington University, USA. Adjunct faculty.
  • 2002-06 Earthwatch Institute, USA.  Field Director.
  • 2000-02 Western Washington University, USA. Director, Off-Campus Environmental Studies.
  • 1996-00 University of Otago, USA. Post-doctoral Research Fellow.
  • 1993-94 National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, USA. Forest Scientist.

My research interests include:

  • Interactions between species and how these are modified by environmental conditions
  • Effects of climate change, invasive species and environmental disturbances on ecosystems
  • Land-use effects on freshwater systems


I am course co-ordinator for:

  • BI201 General Ecology
  • BI206 Quantitative Biology



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  • Riley, R.H. (2010) Report to the USFS and Tulalip Tribes on the Segelsen Ridge Huckleberry Enhancement Response Monitoring Report.
  • Riley, R.H. (2004-06) Report to the USFS and Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group on stream channel surveys and riparian conditions in the Skagit River Basin
  • Riley, R.H. & D.W. Cole (1995) Report to the Superintendent of Wastewater Facilities, City of Bremerton, on five years of forest growth following biosolids application. University of Washington

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