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Matakite Maata

Matakite Maata, BSc GCEd(S.Pac), MSc(Cant), PhD (USP)

Location: 010 - 235 (FSTE Building, Room N235)
Tel: 679  32 32501
Fax: 679 32 31512
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Current Research Interests

  1. Marine pollution.Of particular interest are nutrients and trace metals arising from pollution sources like sewage outfalls, industrial effluents, etc. There is also developing interest on antifouling paints, especially the antifouling agent, tributyltin (TBT) and its deleterious impact on the non-target molluscan species.
  2. Lead pollution.The levels of this contaminant are being measured in road side dust, house dust and soil samples. The lead in these samples are believed to originate from leaded fuel and paints.
  3. Ozone measurement.This project allows the measurement of surface O3 using ozonesondes as well as the level in the troposphere.
  4. Methane measurement.This is currently done in NZ with the air samples collected from Suva. The instrument for measuring this gas in the Chemistry Department is being considered.

Current Research Projects:

  1. Methane in air samples from Laucala Bay, Suva - in collaboration with the NIWA team, Wellington, N. Z.
  2. Degradation of Tri-n-butyltin in marine sediments in Fiji. This was my thesis project and further development in this field is being explored.
  3. Ozone measurement from balloon flights over Fiji - in collaboration with NASA, USA.
  4. Trace metals in street dust, house dust, soils with particular interest in lead originating from leaded fuel and paints.


Selected Publications

  1. Maata, M; Koshy, K; Lowe, D; Bromley, A; Concentration and carbon isotope (13C) in atmospheric methane at Suva, Fiji. Annales Geophysicae, vol. 14, 11, p 588, 1996.
  2. Maata, M; Koshy, K; Lowe, D; Bromley, A; Atmospheric trace gas measurements at Suva, Fiji. Trans. American Geophysics Union, vol. 77, no. 22, W5, 1996.
  3. Maata, M; Charpy, L; Harrison, N; Nutrients and Particulate organic matter in the Great Astrolabe Lagoon. Notes et. Documents Oceanographie, 46, 5-10, 1996.

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