School of Biological and Chemical Sciences


Dr Romila Devi Gopalan


Position Title:  Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

Academic Qualifications:

PhD                             Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

MBioMedSc               Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

BEd (Chemistry)         The University of the South Pacific


Location: Room N244, Chemistry Section, FSTE Building

Telephone: 679 323 2446


Dr Gopalan is currently teaching a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  The course are listed:

CH102: Principles and Reactions in Organic Chemistry

CH105: Chemistry for Applied Sciences

CH201: Organic Chemistry

CH301: Application and Methods of Instrumental Analysis

CH303: Applied Chemistry

CH405: Biochemistry

CH413: Chemistry of Natural Products

CH414: Instrumental Analysis


Current Research interests

·         Peptide synthesis, structure and assembly

·         Enzyme inhibitors as potential drug leads.

·         Food Chemistry- Vitamins

·         Natural Products Chemistry


Past Postgraduate Student

Prayna Maharaj

Ranish Chand

Ravneel Chand


Present Postgraduate Student

Komal Shandil

Shaleshni Lata

Jagruti Chauhan

Toligi Iese

Mitesh Tikram

Shivanjani Muni


Recent Publications


Gopalan, R. D.; Del Borgo.; Mechler, A. I.; Perlmutter, P. and Marie-Isabel Aguilar, M.-I., 2015, Geometrically Precise Building Blocks: the Self-Assembly of β-Peptides, Chemistry & Biology, 22, 1417-1423.

Maharaj, P. P, Prasad, S., Devi, R., Gopalan, R., 2015, Folate content and retention in commonly consumed vegetables in the South Pacific, Food Chemistry, 182, 327-332.

Brown, S.; White, S.; Sharma, B.; Wakeling, L.; Naiker, M.; Chandra, S.; Gopalan, R. D. and Bilimoria, V., 2015, Attitude to the study of chemistry and its relationship with achievement in an introductory undergraduate course, Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 15(2), 33-41.


Brown, S.; Sharma, B.; Wakeling, L.; Naiker, M.; Chandra, S.; Gopalan, R. D. and Bilimoria, V., 2014, Quantifying attitude to chemistry in students at the University of the South Pacific, Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 15, 184-191.

Gopalan, R. D.; Del Borgo, M. P.; Bergman, Y. E.; Unabia, S.; Mulder, R.J.; Wilce, M. C.J.; Wilce, J. A.; Marie-Isabel Aguilar, M.-I.; Perlmutter, P., 2012, Conformational Stability Studies of a Stapled Hexa-β3-Peptide Library, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 10(9), 1802-1806.


Bergman, Y. E.; Del Borgo, M.; Unabia, S.; Jalal, S.; Ciampini, M.; Clayton, D.; Gopalan, R. D.; Fletcher, J. M.; Mulder, R. J.; Wilce, J. A.; Aguilar, M. I. and Perlmutter, P., 2009, Synthesis of Ring Closing Metathesis-Stapled β3-Peptides., Organic Letters, 11, 4438-4440. 


Aguilar, M.-I.; Purcell, A.W.; Devi, R.; Lew, R.; Purcell, A.W.; Rossjohn, J.; Smith, A. I.; and Perlmutter, P., 2007, β-Amino Acid-Containing Hybrid Peptides–New Opportunities in Peptidomimetics, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 5, 2884-2890.

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